Corporate Sourcing

What else can Zuppa do? We’ll get you almost anything really.

Make it legal and believable and we’ll get it to you. If it’s not on the ZuppaMarket or you need heed someone to pick up items for your superhero themed party, we’ll be there to save the day.

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Badminton Shuttlecock SPORTS EQUIPMENT

Whether you are training to be the next Malaysian champion or sourcing for equipment for your sports day, we get what you need!

We helped a client source for this product during their corporate sports day.

Hardware toolbox HARDWARE

Further enhancing your office with all the necessary hardware and tools? We can help!

An expanding IT department sought our services to find a new home for all their tools.

Fauteuil styled desginer armchair OFFICE FURNITURE

Looking to freshen the office look with your lucky colour or upgrade our image? Let us know!

We helped a client procure several furniture items and bring it all together for their new office.

Foldable magnetic chess set TOYS

For items from classic board games to more modern toys such as Nerf guns and the latest BoBoiboy merch, we gotta get 'em all.

Our client was having an orphanage donation drive and we sourced a variety of toys, food products and clothing for that charity drive.

IKEA Trofast storage container STORAGE CONTAINER

Too many files lying around? Get some help in buying the right storage container to declutter your work space and errand list.

The last time we sourced for this item was during a new office moving by one of our clients.

We can source for


Hosting a donation drive? Looking for new furniture? Need a custom hamper for a royal birthday? No matter the occasion we’ll get you what you need.


Tell us what you need and we only process payments once the job is complete.


Need items from different suppliers and locations? Point us in the right direction(s) an we’ll get it all for you in a single consolidated bill.

Look no further!

Just let us know the product requirement and specifications.